In with the Old, and In with the New

Yesterday was a big day for Ward 1! 
Ben’s Chilli Bowl through a much deserved party marking it’s 60th anniversary. It felt like the all the community came out to celebrate with them, closing parts of U street off to traffic allowing for local musicians to entertain the crowds.

Sixty years is a long time for any business, but for DC this is even more of achievement since the District has seen so much development recent years, and though we should always be looking to our future, it can never be at the detriment of the past.

Ben’s is much more than a restaurant, it’s a constant in a community that has seen so much change. Though Ward 1 should always welcome new businesses and residents, more needs to be done to protect those here, because a community cannot grow without strong roots.

From one of Ward 1’s longest and most popular businesses, to one of it’s newest; yesterday Cortez opened its roofdeck to Team Sycamore. With the promise that we will be on the November ballot, I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge everyone’s hard work over the last few months.

Celebrating in the perfect summer weather, I was surrounded by those that have there from the beginning to friends that I had made along the way, and a few new faces that I hope will join us over the next couple of months as we work towards the general election this November.

From the bottom of my heart, I am humbled, and I thank you. 

See you all soon.

Jamie and Team Sycamore