Quick Refection on First Debate in Ward 1 DC Council Race

Wow! What a night!

First, I would like to express my gratitude to the DC Grassroots Planning Coalition for hosting this event, to all of the wonderful Candidates who attended, and most importantly to you, the concerned voters who attended, supported and asked the hard questions of all of the Candidates. 

Second, I would like to reflect on my own performance. 

I am still very new to the world of politics, and I must admit, this debate was intimidating. Despite the fact that I knew the content and had read the Comprehensive Plan front-to-back, the task of prepping for a debate was unfamiliar and uncertain. But I learned. I learned from watching, listening and reading the body language of Ward 1 Residents, moderators and my fellow Candidates. I know there is room for improvement, but I am so proud of the work I have done, and my debate performance last night.

I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks and months to come, all the way to November 6th!