Social Justice & Accessibility

Ward 1 prides itself on it's diversity, which makes our community strong. Unfortunately this diversity is also what is often forgotten when looking to pass effective and comprehensive legislation.

Protecting ALL citizens and passing person centered legislation and policies positively impacts lives of those who are often left behind at the heels of progress.


  • Ensure fair, accessible and quality housing for those with disabilities
  • Propose job training and equity for employment  
  • Propose a reasonable compromise to ensure all businesses and buildings are accessible
  • Work with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community to develop a fair screening and certification process for ASL Interpreters
  • Working to make sure that the streets of Ward 1 are safe for those with disabilities'
    • Ensure that all major crosswalks are accessible for the blind
    • Work on finding better solutions for bike-shares that are left in the middle of the sidewalk. They can be a dangerous barrier for those in a wheelchair, the blind and the elderly
  • Find an affordable and reliable approach to transportation, fixing the many problems facing MetroAccess DC
  • Impose heavy fines on any construction projects that do not follow appropriate protocol designed to prevent people with disabilities from getting hurt
  • Ensure higher quality health insurance coverage for wheelchairs, critical medication, hearing aids and other assistive technology
  • Provide mandatory training for all DC government employees on how to appropriately interact and request accommodations for persons with disabilities
  • Work with local businesses and historic preservation organizations to increase accessibility in their establishments  
  • Increase the capacity of mental health services 


  • As the only OUT AND PROUD council member I will be your voice at the table when making important decisions regarding our community
  • I will work to heal recent divides within the LGBTQ community relating to representation, inclusion and funding issues during Capitol Pride
  • Provide dedicated funding to organizations and programs that empower LGBTQ youth and curb youth homelessness
  • Protecting, expanding and encouraging Ward 1's LGBTQ establishments
  • Ensure justice and protection for trans people of color who experience violence abuse
  • Continue the education, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Amend laws that have gender specific language to be more neutral and fair when it comes to LGBTQ protections and domestic violence issues   

Women and family

  • Continue to work towards equal work for equal pay
  • A low income shouldn't mean a lack of resources;
    • Development of a Family Center offering a variety of services, including parenting and life skills class, provide temporary, low cost childcare for parents etc
    • Address the increasing need for affordable childcare solutions
    • Providing free feminine products to those who lack the resources 
  • Establish a care-givers fund offering  financial aid to those caring for sick or dying loved ones
  • Making sure everyone feels safe on the streets of Ward 1;
    • Develop a public/private partnership with for-hire vehicles to offer no charge/emergency pick up services for when women feel threatened 
    • Making sure street lamps provide an adequate amount of light to deter crime
  • More investment into organizations that cater to the needs of survivors of domestic violence 
  • Reinforce existing laws protecting women against harassment and abuse


  • Ensure our status as a "sanctuary city" through our actions 
  • Establish a bi-lingual task force to go out into the community to promote trust in our government and police force
  • Work to provide funding for English as Second Language and job courses
  • Ensure that the rights of immigrants are not being abused by their employers by over-working and/or under paying
  • Ensure fair housing  


  • Close the achievement gap between DC Public Schools and Public Charter Schools; and between white students and students of color. 
    • Fight to increase the transparency in the budgeting process of DC Public Schools and find a more equitable way to fund schools 
    • Incentivize new teachers to come and STAY with DCPS 
  • Close the achievement gap between students of color and their white counterparts
  • Conduct a complete overview of the Youth Development Center and New Beginnings to ensure that they are providing effective rehabilitation and education services
    • Work to Amend the Youth Rehabilitation Act
  • Develop an "in-state" tuition agreement with local colleges and universities, on top of the DC Tuition Assistance Grants
  • Hold DC Public Schools accountable for their actions in recent school scandals  


  • Promote locally owned minority businesses along U street and Georgia Ave corridors, and across Ward 1
  • Improve relations between communities of color and the Metropolitan Police Department
  • Protect and preserve historic minority areas and history 
  • Foster the visions of by Black Lives Matter to grow and prosper in Ward 1 


  • Work with communities in Wards 1 and 5 to lay out the best plan for McMillian park as a community space
  • increase the amount of trash bins in neighborhoods 
  • Hold the National Park Service accountable when they neglect our parks, most notably Meridian Hill (MalcolmX) park.  
  • Work with the community to improve Bruce-Monroe Park and the Park View community play ground 
  • Promote the inclusion of parks within an urban landscape, instead of further building developments that are unaffordable for many Ward 1 residents 
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