Transportation & Traffic

As the center of a major city, and coupled with an unreliable transportation network has cause frustration and anxiety for those of us who call Ward 1 home. Virtually every corner of the Ward is touched by heavy traffic and inefficient public transportation. It’s time for Ward 1 to start thinking of safe, innovative, and dependable transportation options that will cause less headaches and leave more time for adventure!

Action Items

  • Increase the amount of bus lanes
    • Explore the introduction of queue jumping bus lanes during  high traffic times
    • Explore the introduction of smart streets by installing sensors in high volume corridors that communicate with traffic signals so they can adjust according to the volume of traffic
  • Increase the amount of protected bike lanes
    • Fines for those that block bike lanes and cause cyclists to swerve into traffic
  • Suspend or reduce non-emergency road work during rush hour on major travel routes
  • Provide training programs for for-hire drivers to have a knowledge of the city and it’s laws
    • Impose heavy fines on for-hire vehicles that stop in the middle of the street, disrupting the flow of traffic on thoroughfares
    • On major thoroughfares, dedicate loading zones for for-hire vehicles
  • Reinstate and set into law the flat $5 for-hire vehicle fare for the elderly and people with disabilities to go attend their jobs, errands and medical appointments
  • Digital signage at all metro bus stop with and audio-access
  • Accessible crosswalks at all major intersections and crosswalks