Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Here is Ward 1, we believe that a stable home leads to a stable life. Whether you rent or own, your home is meant to be the place where you feel safe and comfortable.  Unfortunately, for many Ward 1 residents, high property tax, rapid development and antiquated housing laws are displacing many families and long-term residents. Stable/affordable housing is the backbone to success for any community.

Action Items

  • Reduction in property tax for residents 65+ who have lived in their homes for 10 or more years, to ensure an individual can age-in-place
  • Implement a step-down system for services. When struggling families are getting on their feet, but still need assistance, they should not face a cliff when crossing the threshold for assistance.
  • Protect low income residents, families and people with disabilities from higher-than-normal increases in rent
  • Incentivize and have strong oversight of landlords that accept housing vouchers  
  • Extend rent control regulations to buildings built after 1975 and buildings that are smaller than 5 units 
  • Increase funding to DC Regulatory Affairs to have more oversight into landlords who file for hardship petitions that can increase rents on venerable tenants
  • Increase oversight to the DC Housing Authority to ensure that critical deadlines are met to prevent any lapse in funding from the Federal government
  • Ensure that tenants have a right to due process before rent increases take effect
  • Cap or eliminate vacancy rate increases that can make vacant units unaffordable for future residents, pushing them out of our neighborhoods
  • Eliminating credit checks as a qualifier for housing  
  • Ensure that any new affordable housing has the capacity for medium and large families
  • Ensure any new affordable housing and developments can be supported by the existing infrastructure including parking
  • To reexamine Inclusionary Zoning, as it does not prioritize DC residents, as it’s a national lottery system, and doesn’t help those residents who truly need it, as it only helps those who make 80% or 60% of Area Median Income (AMI).


Ward 1 has a strong tradition of helping our neighbors in need. We want to improve upon this strong tradition by holding the District government accountable, and actually invest the resources we need to bring the homeless into the services and housing they need to create a safer and healthier community for everyone.

Action Items  

  • Increase funding towards homeless outreach services by hiring more on-the-ground DC government social workers to develop trust with individuals who are homeless and those vulnerable to homelessness by guide them to the services they need
  • To develop trust, we must explore more creative options, such as utilizing retired metro buses by retrofitting them into mobile bathroom, medical and laundry facilities to show that we as a community are invested in the health of our communities.
  • Increase the funding to third party homeless engagement providers to help DC battle our homeless crisis
  • Keep DC families local, and not send them to other jurisdictions.  
  • Increase cooperation with the DC Veterans Affairs office to help those homeless vets who have served our country