Constituent Services & Engagement

Being ignored by those that represent you can leave you feeling frustrated, angry and betrayed. YOU are Ward 1's most valued resource and without you the DC Council cannot serve the community properly. By remaining grounded, listening to the community and remembering that a politician is never better than their constituents is the ONLY way to pass legislation that is both person centered and effective.

Action Items

  • Work to make the District's voting process more representative and diverse by allowing open primaries and run-off elections to choose our elected officials. 
  • Increasing direct and personal engagement with constituents;
    • Hosting a weekly community forum in various locations around the Ward   
    • Regular attendance at Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meetings, with ANC approval
  • Expand access to healthy and AFFORDABLE food options for all families
  • Explore the feasibility of bringing back the constituent services fund
  • Improve communication and service coordination between DC agencies  
  • Promoting civic engagement by increasing access to voting;
    • Fight for voting rights for non-citizen residents who pay taxes in the District of Columbia
    • Giving returning citizens who have served their time the right to vote in local elections and reduce the barriers for entry for housing and services
    • Making election day a paid District wide holiday to ensure full participation
    • Direct outreach to our students in the ward 
  • Bring the fight for DC Statehood to the attention of the greater public, rallying support by showcasing the injustices happening to the residents of the District of Columbia
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